Why do we recommend using an SMTP provider?

We highly encourage our users to use a third-party email service provider. Why?

  1. They specialize in sending newsletters
  2. They will increase your deliverability rate, dramatically
  3. You newsletters will avoid being labeled "spam" and/or blocked completely (quite common)
  4. You will avoid headaches in setting up your in-house mail server

Your host's SMTP is used for your email addresses and not necessarily for sending newsletters.

1. Which Email Service Provider Should You Use?

We highly encourage our users to create a free account with SendGrid, which will allow you to send up to 400 emails for free per day. MailPoet has built-in support for the SendGrid API, meaning that your emails will be sent over an HTTP connection that won't be blocked by your hosting provider.

No additional plugin is required, so you don't need the WordPress SendGrid plugins, such as WP SendGrid.

Read our guide on how to setup SendGrid on your website.

Other SMTP providers, such as Amazon SES and Mandrill, are also available.

MailPoet is in no way affiliated with SendGrid. We recommend them because, in our experience, they have proven to have the best service.

What to Also Consider:

  1. Email providers will ask you 3 things before you can send with them. These tasks take time.
  2. Your server speed. Don't count on sending all your newsletters in a single batch, even if your email service provider allows it. We recommend 100 emails per batch, just to be safe. Read more about sending frequency.

2. We Don't Recommend Using Your Own SMTP

What is SMTP? It's okay if you don't understand. You should start by reading the Wikipedia article.

You don't want to pay for a professional SMTP service, but you still want to use SMTP? We don't recommend it. The limit of emails sent per hour or day is determined by your host. It can be quite limited.

See our list of popular hosts and their sending limits.

But I'm on a dedicated server!

Even then, you should send using the "Your own server" option (PHP Mail or Sendmail), instead of SMTP (Third Party option).

You will be able to send faster, as you can reach up to 400 emails per minute (if your setup is optimal.) Just plug PHP Mail to your mail server, like Postfix, iRedMail, etc. and the deal is done.

You'll have to consider that you're not white listed by the big spam filters and that sending can consume your server's resources.

That's why we will always recommend professional SMTP providers.