Images don't display after install: solution

This article refers to MailPoet 2

If you're looking for MailPoet 3 articles, please go to MailPoet 3 Knowledge Base

Some users don't see the default images when they create a new newsletter after installation.

For example, the bird's image doesn't show:

The other images that might not show:

  1. dividers
  2. social icons

The problem

Your folder permissions aren't set properly on your server. MailPoet can't add the images in its destination folder.

The solution

You'll need to have FTP access to your server. You'll also need to change folder permissions as described in the WordPress Codex (documentation).

  1. Open your FTP client and navigate to the folder /wp-content/uploads/wysija/.
  2. There should be a folder named themes.
  3. Change this folder's permissions to 775.
  4. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Plugins page.
  5. Deactivate and delete MailPoet. Don't worry, you won't lose any data, as it's all stored in your database.
  6. Install MailPoet again and activate it.
  7. Create a new newsletter to see if the images show up.
  8. If it doesn't work, create a ticket if you're a Premium user or else post a message on the WordPress forum.

Screenshot of what to expect in folder /wysija