Common problems with the newsletter editor

This article refers to MailPoet 2

If you're looking for MailPoet 3 articles, please go to MailPoet 3 Knowledge Base

Your  newsletter or form editor can have the following issues:

  • Unable to drag and drop
  • The toolbar's tabs (Content, Images, Styles & Themes) aren't showing
  • Strange behaviour with the popups

This is usually due to a conflict with your theme, or another plugin.

4 steps to diagnose a conflict with our plugin

  1. Try with another browser
  2. Try with a standard WordPress theme (like twentyfifteen or twentysixteen)
  3. Disable all other plugins one-by-one until the editor works
  4. If you identify the culprit, contact the authors of the plugin or theme

Tips to detect conflicts

In many case simply activating the debug mode will give you (at the bottom of MailPoet's backend interfaces) a list of potential conflicting scripts from plugin or themes.

You can deactivate the owners of those scripts in priority.

Enabling debug mode to detect potential conflicting scripts :

At the bottom of MailPoet's interfaces appear a list of potential conflicting scripts :

Will MailPoet fix your conflict?

In most cases, no.

For an old and unmaintained plugin, we might suggest you alternative plugins.

For themes, we can try to fix them, but we can't guarantee we will.

How plugin and theme developers can avoid conflicts

Most of these issues are related to a plugin's javascript being loaded in every page. They should only be on the pages where they are needed.

Smashing Magazine explains to developers how to avoid plugin conflicts, and so does a known member of the community.

In short, never hook directly to admin_head to include your scripts. Instead, create your own custom hook:  myplugin_admin_head.