6 golden rules to avoid being labeled a spammer

This article refers to MailPoet 2

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There are hundreds of reasons an email can be marked as spam. In fact, 20% of legitimate emails go in a spam folder or even blocked. These can either be a technical issue or related to the contents.

6 rules to follow to avoid being a spammer

  1. Don't send unsolicited emails to people that didn't subscribe to your site. Read more.
  2. Send from a professional SMTP server. We've partnered with a few to give you some deals.
  3. Write enough text. Spam filters dislike emails with more than 3 or 4 images.
  4. Avoid "spammy" words, such as:
    • "free"
    • "unbelievable"
    • "Dear"
    • "Viagra"
  5. Include a legitimate physical address in your footer. This can be added in your MailPoet settings.
  6. Be clear of where you send from:
    • SMTP providers can be authenticated as legitimate senders of emails using your domain name. That's done with a an SPF record.

Check your spam score now

Send a preview of your newsletter with mail-tester and it will check if you:

  1. if your sending method is blacklisted
  2. if you have an SPF record
  3. if you have a DKIM
  4. it includes a SpamAssassin score, which is a common spam filter

What MailPoet already does for you... or recommend

  • All our emails automatically include a simple text version. It's practical for some mobile clients. Spam filters like to see those too.
  • MailPoet emails are made with clean html. Spams are usually poorly formatted.
  • We enforce an unsubscribe link in the footer of all our emails.
  • We encourage double opt-in as a signup method
  • We offer automated bounce handling for our Premium users. This keeps your lists clean with valid emails.

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