Why we don’t allow embedded images

This article refers to MailPoet 2

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MailPoet doesn't allow embedding of images.

They are essentially file attachments, just like when you attach a Word or PDF document to your own emails.

Instead, MailPoet links to images that are on your website, which is the right way of doing it.

Some users may argue that embedding is the best technique to curtail email clients that don't display images by default. There's a case for that, since nearly 50% of email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) won't display images unless the user activates them. But...

3 reasons why embedding images is bad

  1. It will dwarf your open rates. Emails stats depend on an invisible image called a "beacon" which is loaded from your server. If a recipient sees all the images, he's not going to display images that he thinks are already showing.
  2. images are attachments. They will slow down sending.
  3. Spam filters prefer images that are linked and not attached.