Definitions of emailing terms

This article refers to MailPoet 2

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This is a small glossary of common emailing words or terms that are used in email marketing.


This is an email sent automatically after a user performs an action, or an event. Traditionally, this was an automated reply.

In MailPoet: watch a video of how to send an email after someone subscribes.

Bounce: hard & soft

This is an automatic reply you'll get if there was a problem delivering your email.

We call soft bounces when the mailbox is:

  • full
  • temporarily unavailable (server is down)
  • won't accept your email which is too large

Hard bounces are when your email is undeliverable because:

  • the recipient's email address doesn't exist
  • there's a typo in the address, such as

In MailPoet: free users need to manually remove emails that hard bounce. Premium users can set it up automatically.  Read the guide.

Double opt-in

This is an industry standard which sends a confirmation email after a visitor submits his email address in a subscription form.

The user needs to open the confirmation email, and click on the link to confirm his subscription.

In MailPoet:  the option " Signup confirmation" in the Settings is activated by default. Read more on why we recommend it.

Drip campaign

This is also called " follow up" emails.

This is a series of emails sent automatically one after the other. For example, they can be courses sent in a series of emails over a period of 2 weeks.

Read the following  extensive article on on drip campaigns.

In MailPoet:  you can create a drip campaign by creating several automatic newsletters.

Open & click rates

The open rate is the percentage of users that have opened your email.

MailPoet, like all other emailing solutions, calculates the open rate using a small invisible image loaded when your subscriber opens the email. If your subscriber doesn't display the images of your email, he will not be counted as opened.

The click rate are users who opened and clicked on at least 1 link. This is a more reliable stat.

Find out what's a good open and click rate in this post on our blog.

Post notifications

These are newsletters that are sent automatically with your latest posts, page or custom post types. They can be sent immediately, daily, weekly and monthly.

In MailPoet: watch a video demo on how to set one up in MailPoet.

Feedback loop

The complaint feedback loop is an agreement between a sender and a receiver to unsubscribe a user who clicked on the spam button.

This is recommended only for those who send millions of emails every month. We've never seen any of our users set this up!

More on the  feedback loop in Wikipedia.

Squeeze page

A " squeeze" page is simply a page with a subscription form.

In MailPoet: simply add a form with a shortcode in a page or post.


This article explains it in a very simple way:

Graymail is email you opted in to receive, but don't really want. For instance, you know when you go shopping, buy a few things, and during the checkout process someone asks you for your email address so they can send you deals? The subsequent emails you get from them are often a type of graymail. You technically opted in to receive those emails, but most people grow weary of them and don't engage with them.