Translations in your language

This article refers to MailPoet 2

If you're looking for MailPoet 3 articles, please go to MailPoet 3 Knowledge Base

All available languages are provided with our newsletter plugin. If your language isn't available, MailPoet will be in English by default.

Translate and get the Premium for free!

Translate or update a translation in your language and get a Premium license for a year ($99 value).

We're looking for translators with experience and knowledge. Contact us for more info.

How to translate our plugin

1. Create an account our Transifex page. It's like Poedit, but online.

2. Join a language team.

3. Translate directly on Transifex, or use poedit if you're already familiar with it.
4. Verify your translation! Download your translation's MO file and uploaded it to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/wysija-newsletters/languages folder. Make sure it replaces the old one for your language.
5. If you want to edit a string, we suggest you to update it directly on Transifex.
6. Check 2 pages that are not immediately visible and often needs an update:
7. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you a Premium.