Checklist before switching to a professional SMTP

This article refers to MailPoet 2

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Great, you want to switch to an Email Service Provider. With them, you can send faster and achieve higher deliverability (less blocked emails or spam).

Email Service Provider's will ask you 3 things

  1. Where did you get all your subscribers? If you didn't build your own list, or you took it from another department in your company or a friend, they will refuse to send your emails
  2. They will test your list by sending a few hundred emails first and not your entire list to verify that:
    1. Your bounce rate (undelivered emails) is lower than 5%, or similar
    2. Your unsubscribe rate is lower than 3%, or similar
  3. Update your DNS records to add a SPF record and/or DKIM. These are authorizations you give them to send on your behalf. All other email services require people to do this.

Get someone to help you if you're a beginner or unsure how to do this.

Why are they asking for all that?

These professional SMTP providers work hard to be white listed and maintain high deliverability. They want to make sure your lists don't give them a bad reputation.

The industry considers that 20% of legitimate emails don't ever reach their destination. Emails are often blocked even before reaching the mailbox and won't show as undelivered either (an email is considered delivered unless you get a bounceback reply). They are casualties of the war on spam.

Which Email Service Provider to pick?

We recommend every MailPoet 2 user to switch to MailPoet 3 and start using our own MailPoet Sending Service. More about it here: The MailPoet Sending Service Explained