Fields for subscribers’ details (first name, last name, etc.)

This article refers to MailPoet 2

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MailPoet offers the basic fields for each subscribers, which are :

Personalize your newsletter: Hello John!

These fields allow you to personalize your newsletters. Read how to do it:  Personalize Your Newsletters with First Name, and Other Shortcodes

Custom Fields

You can also add Custom Fields to personalize your newsletters even more. You can add them in two different ways:

  1. By adding Custom Fields to your Subscription Form
  2. By importing a list of subscribers with these fields
1. Adding Custom Fields to your Subscription Form

To add new custom fields to your subscription forms, just go to the Settings page > Forms tab > edit one of your forms to see the screen below:

2. Importing a list of subscribers with custom fields

To import a CSV file with a list of subscribers containing custom fields, just go to Subscribers page, click on the Import link at the top of the page and upload your CSV file: