Add your own custom social media icons

This article refers to MailPoet 2

If you're looking for MailPoet 3 articles, please go to MailPoet 3 Knowledge Base

Update: We now have two user contributions to extend the amount of Social Icons available on MailPoet.

1. Manual method:

2. With a Plugin:

Old method

You can replace the 4 default social bookmark icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

For example, you might want to have Pinterest, Youtube, or Vimeo icon.

This is more of a hack that requires intermediate tech skills. It takes about about 15-30 minutes to complete.

Locate the folder of social bookmarks on your FTP: wp-content/uploads/wysija/bookmarks

Look at one of the numbered folder with the icons in png or jpg inside, like this: wp-content/uploads/wysija/bookmarks/12

Recreate your own set and upload. Your new icons need to be named:

  • facebook.png
  • twitter.png
  • linkedin.png
  • google.png

Note: MailPoet won't recognize other names, like youtube.png!

Your set should be visible in the social bookmarks in the visual editor after you've uploaded your new set of icons.