Design guide for MailPoet themes

You want to design your own newsletter? Or you need to give design instructions to your graphic artist?

You can't upload a PSD file to MailPoet. See guide to creating a theme.

We have a Photoshop file that provides the correct widths and heights for our visual editor and more. It looks like this:

Download the Photoshop Theme Guide (zip, 350kB)

A few guidelines

  • find inspiration in other themes already available. View them on
  • header and footer images can be full width (600px)
  • it's recommended to include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ icons, if possible originals. Otherwise, feel free to use any of the ones available with the plugin, in the /data/bookmarks folder. 
  • dividers are max 564px wide!
  • Email clients only support a few fonts. If you decide to have headers in a special font, then they have to be converted into an image. Read our guide and recommendation on fonts.
  • You'll find special fonts that can be used as images in our Photoshop files, which are all from Google Web Fonts or We recommend using such free fonts so there's no copyright or distribution issue your PSD files.
  • By default, MailPoet doesn't support multiple columns. Here's why.

From Photoshop to a real theme

We have a guide that explains exactly how you create a theme (images, style file, and NO html) that can be uploaded to the plugin.